Graphic and Layout Design


As a design student, my portfolio reflects my profound passion for the field of design and an unrelenting pursuit of innovation. It includes product packaging design, print layout, and poster design, each project being a significant milestone in my learning and exploratory journey.

Product Packaging Design: In this section, I showcase how creative concepts are transformed into tangible packaging designs. My focus is on creating unique and captivating packaging that not only draws the consumer's eye but also effectively communicates the brand message. I am dedicated to exploring different materials, shapes, and graphic elements to ensure my designs are not only visually appealing but also excel in functionality and sustainability.

Print Layout Design: Here, I concentrate on the harmonious arrangement of text and space. By carefully selecting fonts, adjusting layouts, and controlling color contrasts, I create designs that are both aesthetically pleasing and highly readable. Whether designing books, magazines, or brochures, I am committed to finding the perfect balance between visual and textual elements, ensuring clear communication and impactful results.

Poster Design: Poster design showcases how I transform complex concepts or information into visually striking and understandable artworks. I enjoy experimenting with different graphics, colors, and typographical techniques in poster design to create powerful visual statements. My goal is to craft pieces that immediately draw the viewer's attention and deeply convey the core message.

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