Social Issue Related Design


Addressing the global issue of ocean pollution, I created a series of handcrafted clocks intended to heighten public awareness through the fusion of art and design. The design of these clocks is inspired by the beauty and fragility of marine ecosystems, with each detail crafted to reflect the impact of ocean pollution on marine life and the environment. The clocks, made from recycled materials, not only demonstrate the value of sustainable practices but also symbolize the possibility of recovery from pollution. In my designs, I incorporated symbolic elements, such as patterns of marine life affected by pollution and unusual colors representing pollutants, to emphasize the severity of ocean pollution. Additionally, I included educational information in the design of the clocks, such as tips on reducing plastic use and protecting the ocean, to encourage viewers to take actionable steps. Through this project, my hope is to spark interest in ocean conservation and demonstrate how design can play a positive role in addressing social issues.

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