UX/UI Design


In my UX/UI design projects, I focused on creating two distinctive web experiences: a website for POP MART and an interactive web page for exploring constellations.

The website design for POP MART blended the brand's unique style with a user-friendly interface. My emphasis was on enhancing the online shopping experience for users, attracting and retaining visitors with clear layouts, intuitive navigation, and engaging visual elements. Throughout the design process, I paid close attention to product display and user interaction, ensuring the site was visually aligned with POP MART’s lively and creative brand image while also functionally meeting user needs.

The constellation exploration web page was an interactive and educational project. The interface I designed aimed to guide users in learning about different constellations in an intuitive and engaging way. This project included rich graphical elements, animations, and interactive designs, providing a pleasurable experience while users discovered astronomical knowledge. I focused particularly on the usability of the user interface and the accessibility of information, ensuring users of all ages and backgrounds could easily learn and enjoy.

These projects exemplified my technical ability and creative thinking in the UX/UI design field. Through these works, I demonstrated not only how to enhance user experience and engagement through design but also how to present complex information in a clear and concise manner. My design philosophy is to create aesthetically pleasing yet functional user interfaces to enhance online user interactions, and these two projects are exemplary representations of my practice of this ethos.

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